Twin Bags was born in 2013 from an idea of Mario Sanetti, always a lover of creativity and design.

We produce handmade bags – made and designed in Italy – with a high degree of customization. Our products, symbol of quality and creativity, combine the constant search for innovative solutions with an original design, creating a unique combination of its kind.

We founded our company for people who do not want to do things in a conventional manner but want to be unique.

We have created a product to express our vision of “Made in Italy” in the world.

Fashionable design, fine leathers and high quality hand made products with unique and exquisite taste.

This is a story of passion for Italian handicraft, of dreamers who decided to embark on an adventure guided by innovation.

We chose Tuscany, the cradle of leather production, a region that has always distinguished itself for manufacturing and quality.

The entire creation and realization process is 100% made in Italy: from the design creation to the choice of materials from our suppliers to the production of the final product.

What color
are you?

Design your own unique and original Twin Bags.

Through a patented mechanism with removable swivel trigger snaps you can change the look of your bag in just a few seconds depending on your needs.

Each flap is reversible and double sided colored.  Whether you need to go to work or have a fancy evening you will have the right look, in an elegant and exclusively made in Italy bag.

So…what color are you?

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